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Full Length CDs


Coldless    [False Walls - fw03]

release date: 01.20.04

Order from False Walls>>>

1. Asparagus and Aspirin
2. With Projecting Spines
Moth Shaped
4. Name Changed to Persimmon
5. Sprig of Lint
6. From Scallop to Shapeless
7. Stalk of an Eye mp3 (7.9mb)
8. Iceland
9. Airport, Park, Pavilion
10. Three-part Diagram for Making Tea
11. Halo of Talking Horses

Subtle Invisible Bodies    [False Walls - fw01]

release date: 03.30.02

Order from False Walls>>>

1. Square Sail Growing From the Branch of a Tree
2. A Ghost Torn and Rolled Between the Fingers
3. Feldspar Spurs
4. A Spider with the Legs of a Bird
5. Shimmering Leaf (in syrup)
6. Berm
7. Carcasses of Bees
8. Extensive and Well Cataloged Collection of Aspirated Objects
(recorded live at Nervous Center, 06.22.01)
mp3 (20.4mb)


Splits and Projects


Front Cover

Back Cover

Book, DVDs, CDs, Posters, Catalog

Currated by Dan Devening
CDs by Tiny Hairs,  MW Burns, Lou Mallozzi,
DVDs by Susan Giles, Zach Formwalf
Artwork by John Arndt, Mark Booth, Janice Clark, Dan Devening, Carrie Lambert, Jim Lutes, Robert Meijer, David Raskin, Matthew Rich, Eli Robb, Nathaniel Robinson

release date: 09.14.04


1. Harmonics and Fundamentals mp3 (12.2mb)
2. Petrosian v. Spassky, Moscow 1966
3. Isis
4. Marcel/Berm






12" Record and Original Artwork

Art by Markus Linnenbrink + Dan Devening /
Music by Tiny Hairs + Millionaires With Guitars

release date: 09.01.03

Order from EN/OF>>>

1. Soaked And Poisoned Cigars
2. Kumquats Are Sour And Eaten Whole

Three Legs Made in Chile    [Crank Satori -- CDR 003]
3"  CDR

Tiny Hairs of Caterpillar Legs + Coeurl

ALMOST SOLD OUT, about 15 left

1. pig with three legs made in chile (Tiny Hairs)
2. ghost leg (Coeurl)
3. lullaby(Coeurl)

Six gentlemen from Chicago make some rather nice improv with rock [dare they say 'psych'?] tendencies under the moniker of 'Tiny Hairs of Caterpillar Legs'. For this disc, the Tiny Hairs created a track influenced by the work of Coeurl. Coeurl reciprocated by disassembling & re-evaluating said track. - Box Media



Burned Bridges and Lost Loves,  Bottrop-Boy CD023, Germany
2 CD Set of  29 TV-Pow Remixes.

Music by Tiny Hairs, Tarentel, Tim Hecker, Sachiko M, Illusion of Safety, Wolf Eyes, Alva Noto, Stephan Mathieu, David Grubbs, Francisco Lopez, and 19 others.

release date: 08.01.05

Copper Press CD#17

CP17 Copper Press presents... CD Copper Press

Music by The St. James Stars, Lamb, Nad Navillus, 31knots, Riddle of Steel, Houston, Step Softly, Ghost, Since By Man, The Yellow Press, In Media Res, The Hurricane Lamps, Tiny Hairs, Rocky Votolato, Pseudosix, The Planet The, Parts & Labor, Gravity Propulsion System, The Drayton Sawyer Gang, Officer May, Respira, On the Might of Princes

release date: 09.02.03

Chicken Dance

Anita and Joe present Chicken Dance 2003

In my darkest hour, there has always been a kind if annoyingly high pitched voice who whispers "Gee I wish I had every cover version of the Chicken Dance ever recorded compiled on to a single CD, with special Chicken Dance cover art by Lynda Barry." Now such a CD exists, and the annoyingly high pitched voice has gone away. Instead I have the Chicken Dance CD. What a happy ending? -BTS at Quimby's

release date: 07.01.03

Chicken Dance

Muted Tones October 2002

Collaboration with Sarah Renee Bertsch

release date: 10.01.02

Demo CDRs






Live at Nervous Center 12.15.00

1. A Silver Sea with Black Kelp
2. Flowering Bush with Small Hands
3. The Water Has Its Skin as Does the Sky
4. A Modest Show of Saliva mp3
5. Green Green Green and
6. A Spool of Hopes and Urges






Tonics, Tinctures, Extracts

1. pig with three legs made in chile
2. headless, quivering, watery, mad
3. gentlemen, to the hydrofoils...


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