David Keenen will like it

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Paris Transatlantic Magazine, France

Tiny Hairs, Coldless

Tiny Hairs, a Chicago-based sextet consisting of Mark Booth and Jonathan Liss on guitars, Peter Rosenbloom on violin, John Devylder on bass, Charles King on electronics and Jim Lutes on drums, could win a prize for silly titles ("Asparagus and aspirin", "From scallop to shapeless"), but someone might like to remind them that the last Gastr del Sol album is already nearly six years old and that the average lifespan of drone / grind / yawn bands like Jackie-O-Motherfucker is about half as long. This material, which dates back to 2001 ("Three-part diagram for making tea" and "Halo of talking horses", originally used in a film by Sandra Binion), seems tailor-made to garner enthusiastic reviews from the likes of David Keenan, and contains all the essential ingredients - mid-to-downtempo binary drumming and dreary two-note ostinati wrapped in a thick blanket of electronic squiggles. Would the last person leaving Chicago please turn out the lights.

- JB    


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