I've had this cd on repeat for the past couple of hours

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Screaming Bloody Mess, Australia

Tiny Hairs, Coldless

Beautifully improvised noise. I've had this cd on repeat for the past couple of hours while I sit at my desk typing and this shit creeps up on you, I tells ya. Totally hypnotic and intriguing. I think I'm supposed to use the words 'ebb' and 'flow' somewhere around here. Instead I'll just settle for improvised beautiful noises? I like fast and loud music. But sometimes it's nice to sit and enjoy slow and weird arse shit - this six-piece instrumental collective supply the goods in the slow and weird arse department. The violin of Peter Rosenbloom with the guitars of Mark Booth and Jonathan Liss sound beautiful and the music in general is characterized by the layering and interplay of acoustic (violin, double bass, percussion) with electric (guitars, keyboards, short-wave, signal processors, and turntable) instruments. Good for when the screaming punk and gangsta hip-hop or electro clash or whatever the fuck you listen to, gets a little too much.

- Tim Scott    


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