Exclamation from Canada
June 26, 2002

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TINY HAIRS/Subtle Invisible Bodies

A collection of musical doodles where some "songs" or "pieces" appear to be freeform musical sketches, like sonic ink blots, whereas other pieces are fully formed sweet melodies with a bit of a traditional folk flavour to them. Utilising traditional instruments like drums, bass, viola and guitar, along with unconventional sound makers like fans, turntables, a jar of bolts and an acoustic bicycle, the listener might get the impression of witnessing the players sift for melodic gold. Sometimes a whole nugget will emerge ("Feldspar Spurs") but often these pieces are like specks of gold encrusted in rock: music left to the discerning listener to pick apart. The thought of extraneous sounds may be a turn off for the prospective listener, but rest assured, the prizes in these doodles are worth the patience it requires for the gems to surface.

- By I. Khider    


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